Stuff not to do when creating an installer ...

So, my project is all but finished (unless Sony comes back and wants us to change things, which they probably will).

And I have a routine where I go about and clear up my Hard Drive of wasted space.  There's lots of it.  There's a cool little program (when it's not crashing) called spacemonger (google for it ... you know you wanna) that gives you a quad tree based layout of your Hard Drive based on file/directory size.  This is cool, and it pointed out several folders with a huge amount of wasted space.

Now, aside from the bloat sitting in the Internet Explorer temporary folders, I also noticed a fair bit of bulk residing in temporary 'installer' folders.  Things like Adobe Acrobat, MS Office (ya ya, I know, I know.  They're needed in case I want to install more office crap.  But I'm currently happy with my install).  So, like a good schmuck, I go ahead and delete them.

And all is well in the world.  Except that a large number of desktop icon and file association icons are now empty.  Because it can't find the icons.  Because they bound the icons to the *installation SOURCE folder* location, not the actual installation DESTINATION folder.

Dear 'legitimate' business software developers.  Please stop being retarded.



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