Slow in posting

What I've been up to
Life's been a bit hectic in the development arena.

On the 21st of October I got a warning that I might be called on to do a PSP Demo (for Kiosks).  The following monday it was confirmed, with a pretty aggressive schedule. But, the hard part is now over, so life should get back to something resembling normal.

Some thoughts
Yesterday, I was talking to Colin, the coder that sits beside me.  We got talking about Dev Studio and some features we'd like to see.  Recently, I've been playing with using vim for text editing (Working on multiple PSP branches made me realize that Dev Studio might not be the best place to live).  Anyway, one thing that came up in the "What's missing in Dev Studio" discussion was the lack of control over colour schemes.  More specifically, the lack of ability to get a decent colour layout from a 'central theme repository" a la Deviant Art or some other desktop customization place.

This made me remember my old days of working with Borlands Turbo C++ and the fact that they used to have colour 'themes' for their code colorization.  And this also got me thinking about how difficult/easy it might be to add a feature like this to Dev Studio (2003 and 2005).  So, as part of my pet project list, I think that would be a worth while time sink.

Now if I could just find those old colour schemes from Turbo C++ ...


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