I've been debating lately ...

Is making a book really worth it? Seriously. The main reason why a lot of folks write books is to get self-recognition. And I have to say that may be one of the main reasons why I was thinking about writing the book. Sure, there's not a lot of good books out there (and absolute horrible sucking VOID of books), but would I actually be adding anything to the mix? Maybe the best thing to do would be to just experiment on my own and post results to this blog. I mean, I was thinking there may be a bit of income from writing a book, but it definetly wouldn't be a huge amount of money. I mean, I *still* want to do something. I just don't want to spend the years it will take to write something all-encompassing. I dunno. Lots ant lots to think about. However, at this point in time, I'd say that the book is currently on hold.


Noel Llopis said…
Ash, As someone who has written a book on game development, let me just say that it's a *lot* of work, and there's very, very little money involved. If you want to do it, do it because you're itching to get those ideas out there.

The blog route is fine, but your audience is very different. Maybe you can probe the waters with a few articles online, and if you enjoy writing them, then you can think of writing a full book.

Your outline looks very comprehensive, but what is unique about it? Maybe focusing the book in a way that shows what's really unique could make it more interesting to read and to write.

Ash said…
Yeah, One of the things that I've been debating about, with the whole 'Game Development' book is how to add any real value to it, that really makes it a worthwhile venture, not just for me as a writer, but for the audience.

I think the plan will be to put it off for a bit, do some writing (Specifically, my experiences with TDD as a 'newbie') and maybe some in-game camera work. And ship a few more games, in the meantime.

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