More free stuff

So, I've borrowed a laptop from work. But there isn't any photo editing software on it. So, I go digging around the web looking for something. The urge to grab JASC's Paint Shop Pro (which is now owned by Corel ... jeez, are they still around?) was high. But out of pure luck, I found this: Essentially, some folks over at WSU decided to build a little (little, he says ...) Paint and photo editing software package. And so far, it's pretty decent. OK, so before all you linux folks out there (are there any linux folks out there reading this???) jump all over me and tell me to use "The Gimp", I've been there, I've done that and I've burned the T-shirt. Gimp was one of the least friendly packages that I've used for quick little editing jobs. So far, this puppy has been everything that I want. So go check it out.


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