So, it's been a while since I posted anything

The new job has been keeping me plenty busy. However I think it's time I started some home coding projects. Being a guy that likes to build world editors in his spare time (because, you know, I have so much of it), I also thought I'd get back into a bit more of a rendering focus. It's been a while, I've forgotten a great deal, so this should make for some interesting reading.

One of the first things that I'm working on is a simple Rendering subsytem that I can plug into my apps. Nothing fancy, just something to get me familiar with D3D 9 and OpenGL, as well as get me a framework for learning shader/fragment coding. More on that as I develop it.

However, something that I think I will post about, especially with D3D programming, is mentioning the DirectX control panel. Specifically the ability to enable using the Debug version of the DirectX DLL's and increasing the verbosity of the debug information that is spewed out. This is really helpful, as it helped me track down a stupid memory leak that I had in my code (my underlying system wasn't releasing a D3DDevice that I thought it was). I'll put up a screen shot of the DirectX control panel shortly.

Anyway, I'm back at this part time (summer fun, when it rains and since there's nothing good on TV during the summer). I'll keep everyone updated as the progress continues.


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