Playing with emacs

I've started playing around with emacs at work and I thought I would keep a list of commonly used commands and plug-ins on my blog.

First off, some plugins that I'm using.

Color-themes is great and allows me a fair bit of selection when it comes to colorizing my editor. ( )

Also, I'm using tabbar.el to give me tab functionality I'd be lost without my tabs. ( )

As for commands, I'll sort them by category.

 C-x C-f                Open a file.
 C-x C-s                Save the file in the current buffer.
 C-x s                  Save all buffers.

 C-_                    Undo (that's an underscore).
 M-del                  Delete last word.
 C-x del                Delete to beginning of sentence.
 C-t                    Transpose two letters
 M-t                    Transpose two words

 M-d                    Kill a word.
 M-k                    Kill to end of sentence.
 M-z char               Kill up to next occurrence of char.

 C-s                    Incremental search forward.
 C-s C-s                Cancel forward search.
 C-r                    Incremental search backward.
 C-x k                  Kill a specific buffer by name (RET by default kills the current buffer.
 C-x C-q                Flag a buffer as read-only.
 C-x C-b                List buffers


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