Stuff I didn't know about Dev Studio Macros

So, I really need to spend more time reading the Visual C++ team blog. A friend of mine just recently pointed me at their site ( with a cool little article on giving Dev Studio the ability to control Intellisense. So instead of nuking the appropriate DLL, you can just use a Macro and the DTE environment setting to disable Intellisense (amongst other things).

And apparently this is also available in VC 2005 as well.

Thanks go out to Francis Boivin - lead 3D programmer at Ubi Montreal, who I just reconnected with through Twitter.

Now to go play around and see what other little nuggets are residing in the DTE.Properties for the TextEditor.

  • EDIT: So, after trying this, there's one big problem with it. If you use the macros to turn off IntelliSense (with a Solution loaded), restart Dev Studio, and load up the project, you'll see that it will update the NCB file. This isn't the intended behaviour (or at least not the behaviour I'm looking for). Looks like the tried and true method of renaming the DLL is the only sure-fire way of doing it.


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