__BEGIN __ So, I decided that I would put together a blog. Several reasons for this.
  • First off, in about 3 weeks (or so) I'm going to be moving on to a new game and I thought I'd try to document the development process as much as NDAs would allow me to do so.
  • I'd like to keep track of some things that I've developed and learned along the way. And share them with fellow developers. Again, NDAs willing.
  • Prep some ideas for a GDC presentation I'd like to give.
  • I finally got around to reading "Masters of Doom". Reading about Carmak's .plan files got me thinking that this might just be the creative outlet I need as part of my development process. Not comparing myself to Carmak, y'understand. I'm more like Romero :)
You won't see a lot of personal crap from me here in this blog, aside from some observataions about people in general, the development process and the like. I'm going to try to keep it a programming and development centric as is possible. But I like to talk. So who knows where I'll go with this. Some History I've been programming for what feels like forever now. I started out on a Tandy Color Computer way, way, WAAAY back in the day. Took a break from coding during my high school years to learn to play guitar. Then when I had to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, computers seemed to be the best option for me. That and I really wanted to write games. Or get into space. After one long trek through the development community took me a fair bit across the country. I'm originally from New Brunswick, Canada, but eventually settled in British Columbia. I did a brief (14 months) stint at Ubisoft Montreal, working on Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for PS2. The opportunity to move back to BC presented itself in a most timely fashion, so I came to Radical Entertainment to work on Crash - Tag Team Racing. The sub-team I got onto was the PSP sku. Been happy ever since. Oddly enough, my first day at Radical co-incided with that being the day that Vivendi Universal also bought them. So, in theory, I'm the first Radical/VUG employee. Go Me.


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