Project Task Meanderings

So, I'm sitting here, contemplating the next step that I will be taking for the next project.  I'm currently in that wonderful place that exists between the project going gold, having zero bugs and not quite being in pre-production for the next project.


For the last three projects that I've been on, I've been a generalist.  What does that mean? Essentially it means that when something breaks, I fix it.  If something needs to be created, I create it.  No real area of expertise, but a good, solid, all around understanding of all the things going on in the game.

Now it's time to specialize.

The opportunity came up about a month ago, as planning for the next game started in earnest.  I was sitting around, talking with my leads about the next project.  I remember mentioning to the project manager that I had a yen to work on Game Cameras, in game Cinematic (Non-Interactive Sequences) and their ilk.  However the Tech lead was currently doing all that work.  And was swamped to the gills.  The project lead told me to, essentially, get in touch with the Tech Lead as soon as I humanly could and let him know this.  Because he was swamped with the work and really needed someone to look after those systems for the next title.

And that, as they say in your language, was how I managed to become the Camera systems programmer on the next project.

So, one of the things that I'm going to end up talking about a fair bit are some of the things I'll be exploring in that realm.  As well, I'll be doing a fair bit of research, book wise, on topics relating to in-game cinematics and 3rd person camera navigation.


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