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I like vi. And vim, too. But somedays, I like my editor to be a little more ... friendly. But I still like it to be context sensitive, colour coded and all the jazzy neat stuff that all the other programmers rant and rave about in their editors. So, I was quite happy to find Notepad++, a sourceforge project. It's quite nice, does everything I want it to do and it's free. So it's good for all my lua editing work. Edit: And it's also based on the Scite text editor engine. I'm a fan of Scite, but Notepad++ adds a nice polish on top of it. It's fairly lightweight, so go on and give it a try: Notepad++


ZorbaTHut said…
I am personally a fan of Scite, which is another lightweight editor.
Ash said…
I think that's why I like Notpad++. It's core *is* Scite.

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