Python and OpenGL

So, I've just spent a good piece of today trying to get Python and OpenGL to work (stuff I'm trying to do in order to prep myself for the new job). I'll blame it on my lack of experience in Python, but man oh man, it wasn't an easy deal.

1. So, I grab what I think is the right download and follow the instructions given on the site. I then run the test apps. No dice.

2. I think "OK, it must be me, missing something", so I go digging around trying to find any information on what it might be. No dice there either.

I finally find the 'easy install' utility from PEAK and eventually I find that there is a difference between the OpenGL bindings and the pyOpenGL util (that I've been using). The difference being is that the OpenGL version WORKS.

However, on the plus side, I also managed to get wxPython installed and working as well.


So, after a bit of digging, I figured out what it was. Both versions of the OpenGL bindings use GLUT. This isn't a bad thing (well, it could be considered a bad thing, but I digress) if you install the glut32.dll file into your python's DLL folder, it doesn't work. It must reside in the system32 folder. Not sure who to blame on that one ... I'd like to blame Python for it, but I'm not sure I could realistically do that.


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