Not really a technical post this time ...

If you read this, and you know me even a little, I'm pretty passionate about games and how they relate and affect kids. Having three of my own does that. So, there's a new study out that is of interest to me. It's from the American Sociological Association. It's here (with the body of the document here) and absolutely worth the read, regardless as to weather you agree with the conclusions or not. So, go forth and take a gander. Tell me what you think.


IoN_PuLse said…
Totally agree with the article. There are so many factors to consider when trying to figure out 'what went wrong' in the terrible events video games are blamed for - yet for some reason they still get the bad rep.

The studies done where they noticed increases of aggressiveness seem largely useless to me unless you also test reading a violent novel, watching a video tv show, movie, etc. Heck, what about organized sports? Or watching/attending professional wrestling performances?

Video games are just a convenient scapegoat now, see this for a recent example. (bottom post)

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