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Hello Dorks! Lots of changes recently. Seems that the one thing in life that's constant for me is change. I've moved on to a new gig (working at Blackbird Interactive, for those keeping score) doing tools stuffs. This means I'm back in the world of WPF. And lots of trying to remember stuff from over 2 years ago. So, I thought I'd share (and maybe get some recommendations from other WPF gurus out there). One of the things I've been working with lately is ComboBoxes. Lots of fun stuff going on there. The current thing I've been working on is how to have the drop down list in a combo box be different from the actual data that the combo box is bound to. For example, let's say we have a class that represents an item in a list: And then, let's say we have a completely different class, which contains an ID: The question is, how do we bind the dropdown list with a list of Items but also have the ability to populate a bound Asset? Here's w

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