Haven't been updating like I should have.

A couple of reasons for this, I think.  Mostly the new job, but mostly because I don't have a good, *base* set of tools to work with.

What do I mean by that?

I hate having to rebuild stuff from scratch.  So I've been searching for stuff to make things 'easier' to code in.  So I'll bounce back and forth bewteen C++ and C#.

Here's the rub.  All I really want (at this point in time) is a simple windows abstraction layer.  Not 'Microsoft Windows', but a simple Windowing UI.

To be clear, the API only has to create a window, handle resizing/fullscreen switching and be easy for me to inject an 'onUpdate' function/thread.  Everything else, I'll handle.

So, unless anyone out there knows of a simple library out there for doing this (C++ or C#, I really don't care), I'm going to end up doing that myself.


Daan Nijs said…
Kneejerk recommendation: PixelToaster.
Unknown said…
The problem with PixelToaster is that it's framebuffer access only. I'm planning on exposing more than just that (rendering wise) eventually.

Mind you, It's along the same lines as my current train of thought.

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